Laundry services

laundry graphicsDoes the weekly washing get you down?

Is it one chore you’d do anything to avoid?

Then simply drop off your clothes and other garments at Preferred Laundry & Dry Cleaning, and we’ll wash, dry, iron, fold, pack and deliver it at your doorstep. Our great value laundry service is ideal for everyday clothes, such as jeans, shorts, T-shirts, gym kits, tops, official wear and pajamas – and even household textiles like bed linen, duvets, Curtain, towels and cushion covers.

So whether you’re a busy career professional, or a parent trying to juggle the demands of work and children, why not make life easier?
In Laundry we use Blue Bell Gel detergent from Italy which keeps the fabric strong. We also use Ammorbidente Muschio Bianco softener on fabrics,also from Tintolav in Italy.

You can drop you laundry at any of our branches namely, Kasarani, Eastgate, Greenhouse or Adams Arcade.